Designing a Wedding

It has been a very busy week, so I am writing this the night before I am getting married! As a graphic designer, I obviously chose to do all the stationery and bits for my wedding. I thought I would write this blog to distract myself from the nerves of tomorrow, and give 5 tips on getting the most from your wedding stationery!


If you haven't considered it already, the wedding stationery is a great place to express your theme. The invitation will be the guests' first encounter with your wedding day so having a theme there is a great place to start. The theme can come through from the choice of lettering, production method used (letterpress/thermographic/etc.) or even some nice handmade touches to finish it off. I tied my own invitations together with twine and a small metal anchor for a subtle nautical theme.

Having the same style across all of your stationery, decoration and signage will look amazing and will make your wedding look stand out. 


Consider the size and format of your stationery, there is absolutely no need to go for an A4 /A5 size, be different! You could go for a folded book / card or you could have a long sheet of paper with all of the information on. Also think about the type of material you would like it to be printed on. A higher quality paper will make the invitations look extra special and will last, as many people will keep the invitations for a long time as mementos of your wedding!

Core information

Wedding stationery serves a purpose, so at the very least remember to make sure you get across all the necessary information to your guests! How much you consider necessary is up to you but remember to include the date and information to RSVP on the invitations. We chose to also include some information on parking and getting to the church and venue, but it is entirely up to you. 

Also be sure to select the right way for guests to RSVP. These days an email or Facebook message may be well and good but bear in mind not everyone may know how to do that, and may need the option to send a letter (especially if you are inviting elderly guests).


While getting your invitations printed may feel like most of the job is done, make sure you have considered if you need to write anything yourself, like the addresses. Make sure you buy a brand new, high quality pen, or a fresh refill for your existing one. If you have neat handwriting you should be ok to write yourself, but consider getting a calligrapher to do the writing as it could really enhance the invitation. Either way, make sure the writing is legible and you don't spoil a nice design with rough illegible writing using a manky old biro!

Get stuck in!

Lastly, don't be afraid to get stuck in yourself! Know your limitations, if you are not a visual person but really want a specific theme, ask someone to do the design for you. But certainly get involved with hand finishing them yourself, like adding a wax seal or handwriting some personal messages. 

As a designer myself obviously I did the artwork for our stationery and arranged them to be printed with an amazing letterpress printer, but I asked my fiancée to write out the addresses and notes to everyone as she has lovely neat handwriting!

Thanks for reading! I have to go and get a good nights sleep now ready for the big day! For more blog posts about my thoughts on many design related subjects check out: 

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