Gotta give out 'em all!

Another Friday afternoon is here, and today I decided to go for a lovely walk this lunchtime to make the most of the nice weather. If you have been following my instagram, you will know this isn't the only reason, I also wanted to catch some pokemon! It just so happens that Kings Lynn is THE place to be to grab some critters, as it has so many historic landmarks to visit. So I wandered down to the Custom House where there are always a whole load of people hanging out and catching pokemon.

While I was pursuing a rather annoying Zubat, I found myself walking into the tourist information centre to look at the leaflets. With this blog in mind, I grabbed a stack of leaflets to have a look at! Leaflets are a great way of marketing to your audience, as they are so flexible in what they can do and say. So here are 5 tips to help make sure leaflets work for your business or event.

Say what you need

The first thing that you should consider before creating your leaflet is what information it needs to communicate. Most of the time it would be an overview of your business or event, but sometimes they can be far more effective when they are more specific.

The information needs to be considered in the context of the leaflets purpose and situation too. Are you handing them out on the high street? – consider advertising a special offer to grab people when their attention span is low. Are the leaflets sat in a rack off your premises? –consider adding a map to show people how to find you.


The great thing about leaflets is their flexibility of purpose. You can have short snappy messages alongside more considered reading material, and people will be able to peruse both when they have the time. The key to making this work is the design and hierarchy of the information. Consider the order in which you display the information. Put the most eye catching elements first or make them bigger to grab attention, and make sure you leave room for any larger amounts of information so it isn't too cramped.

Get them out there

Make sure you consider how you will ensure your leaflet reaches the right people. This should go hand in hand with the design and content of the leaflet, and should certainly not be an afterthought. There are a vast amount of variables to consider, but simple things like if you intend to post it, make sure it is small enough to fit through a letterbox, or if it sits in a rack, make sure the racking doesn't cover up the most vital piece of information on the design.

Cop a feel

Say you have managed to get your leaflet into the hand of your audience. How do you make sure they keep hold of it? This is especially important if you have a lot of information to communicate as they may have to hold on to it until they get time to read it. You need to consider the layout and material its made from.

A flyer with a short message that can be read instantly can be printed cheaply on a single sheet and it only needs to be read once. This means you can get more leaflets printed and therefore reach more people. A flyer with more information on should be printed on a higher quality material, or have an interesting size, shape or fold as this will mean people will be more engaged and therefore more likely to keep hold of it.

Get to the point

The main thing to remember is: don't get carried away. You should not include things just to fill up the space. You should always remember exactly what the intended purpose of the leaflet is. Are you wanting to get people to your door? Are you pushing a specific line of products? Are you generating overall brand awareness? Make sure this is always the objective when generating design and content and your leaflet will be a great tool for your marketing.

Bonus! Be specific with your call to action

Before I get on, here is one last tip! When using the leaflet to drive people to your event or business, be specific. Don't just send them to a homepage on your website, send them to a more relevant sub-page. Don't just give them a phone number, give them a person to contact, or a code to quote. Not only will this get your audience the information they need more quickly, but it will allow you to measure the success of your leaflet through monitoring the specific action. Then your next leaflet will be even better as you can improve based on the response.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in any of the issues discussed or work shown, and would like to speak to me, please feel free to get in touch. You can comment below, email or even give me a call on 07742 990524.