What do Graphic Designers do?

This week I wanted to write a bit about a question I am always asked: what do Graphic Designers do? I have always found it difficult to explain to people exactly what I can do in a short space of time, as there are so many different parts to Graphic Design, and so many overlapping parts that it is almost impossible to sum up.

Is that like with computers?

Here is the definition of a Graphic Designer from the dictionary: 

the art or profession of visual communication that combines images,words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect – Dictionary.com

At its core, Graphic Design is visual communication. Any information or message that needs to be communicated visually is classed as Graphic Design. This is why it is so difficult to sum up exactly what I can do in a sentence!

Historically a Graphic Designer would work with a paste up, using printed lettering to create an advert like a giant collage. Now with the technology available today, most design can be done on a computer. But that will still never truly be able to replace a pen and paper!

So do you make logos then?

The main aspects of Graphic Design can fall in to several overall categories. These include:

Branding - Branding is the visual representation of the business, as well as its language. This is the logo and the overall look of everything associated with the business. This will also affect the advertising, website, stationery, and every other element produced for the company.

Advertising - Adverts of all sizes, media and applications, including magazine adverts, flyers, banners, billboards, classifieds and leaflets. These can promote anything from products to services to just an overview on a company.

Editorial - Editorial designs are larger layouts, like books, catalogues and magazines. They tend to much bigger projects involving many more components and resources.

Web / Multimedia - Graphic Designers need to be able to use the most cutting edge technology to communicate with, as well as printed media. Well-designed websites are often created by graphic designers, although there is some crossover with web developers and web designers as there are a lot of specialist skills needed. Multimedia also includes apps, web graphics and online documents all of which need to need to be able to communicate effectively. 

3D / Animation - Another offshoot of Graphic Design, being able to communicate in motion or three dimensions is great for many businesses perhaps needing infographics or videos explaining in depth information to customers.

Photography - While photographers would usually be the go-to for photographs, they also fall under the responsibility of Graphic Designers. They are a large part of visual communication and a Graphic Designer will have the ability to either take the necessary photos or direct a photographer to do so. Graphic Designers will also have the abilities to retouch and manipulate photos in Photoshop so they look great.

Illustration - Graphic Designers are able to provide some illustration services as well. While you can go to a dedicated illustrator if they have a style you like a Graphic Designer will often be able to be flexible and provide illustrations in many different styles depending on the customer’s requirements.

So are you an arty guy then?

First and foremost Graphic Designers are problem solvers. Their job is finding the best way to represent and communicate the businesses needs visually. They will be flexible and objective in their approach before any creativity is needed. They will then apply this to the job when they are sure they have the right approach.

That sounds like a lot of fun!

It is, and that's why I am a Graphic Designer! I offer all of the services mentioned above, and would be happy to discuss more if you have any questions. 

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