It's getting festive in here!

So I now have a busy few weeks ahead and consequently there is not much time to think about blog posts.  This week however, I would like to share some festive spirit albeit a little early but, unfortunately, as a designer it is a necessity to get ready for Christmas at the same time as the shops do – as this is when clients need the preparation of all their Christmas material undertaken. But it works well for me as once the colder weather arrives it really helps with the festive mood!

Here are three things you should make sure you prepare for the festive season ASAP!

Christmas cards

Around Christmas it is a good idea to send out a message of goodwill to your customers.  Although this should not be related to generating business it can still leave an impression and reinforce your brand image in the mind of your customers.  This could come in the form of a traditional Christmas card sent through the post or via an email, so it is important to have a great design!


While your message of goodwill to customers is not based around promoting business, there is still an opportunity to capitalise on the Christmas season where people are looking for gifts or services for the holiday period.

Obviously this will depend on your business, but even if Christmas is a quiet time for you it is still a good time to remind customers of any special offers that you have running during a specific period or notification of new product lines coming out – even if this is information specific for the New Year!


Along with any goodwill messages you choose to send to your customers, another method that will not only keep your business in their minds at Christmas but all year is a calendar!!

When preparing a calendar to send or give out to your customers it is a good idea to have this ready in good time so you are able to distribute them during the festive period and prior to the start of the new year.  I have found if you send them out too early they will be put away and forgotten, but too late and the customer will be using someone else’s calendar.

The timing of their distribution therefore, is quite critical.  Also, in order for customers to want to have your calendar on their desk all year, excellent imagery and design is also crucial.  Good designer will be able to provide guidance on all these aspects of the project.

If you are interested in any of the issues discussed, and would like to speak to me, please feel free to get in touch. You can comment below, email or even give me a call on 07742 990524.